I’m Toi Hershman

Instructional Designer, Entrepreneurship Educator, Author, and Speaker

Helping You Create Great Instruction

Instructional Course Design

I help clients create great instructional content both online and in-person.


I speak on Entrepreneurship Education and Mindsets in Education and Mental Health.

Instructional Design

Create amazing  custom instruction for your company or institution

Coaching Entrepreneurship

Personal coaching for educators in design thinking and entrepreneurship

Mental Health

Coaching and speaking on OCD and mindset.


Speaking on education entrepreneurship, mindsets and mental health.

What Is Instructional Design and Technology?

Instructional Design is the creation of learning experiences and materials that results in acquisition and application of knowledge and skills.   The discipline follows a system of assessing needs, designing a process, developing materials and evaluating their effectiveness.  In the context of experiential learning, Instructional Design provides a practical and systematic process for effectively designing instruction to meet unique learner needs.  

Who I work with?

Educators, students, and parents who are looking for unique and beautiful learning solutions.   I use a variety of best practice Instructional Design Techniques.  My specialty areas are in Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Mindsets and Mental Health.

About Me

I am an accomplished and enthusiastic instructional designer, consultant and speaker with mad experience leading design, development and implementation of instructional projects. My experience spans the K-16 education and corporate/industry arenas.

My unique expertise is in making inevitable training interesting and engaging for ALL learners.  From bored middle schoolers to bored linemen, I can make training feel worthwhile and engaging to ALL participants.

I am currently finishing my doctorate in Instructional Design and Technology. My core competencies include instructional design, instructional coaching, curriculum development/writing, and content creation including instructional design and technology projects.


“Toi is a great instructional designer.  Her energy is contagious!”

“Toi is a really great coach and educator.  We have enjoyed working with her.”

“Toi meets learners where they are and takes them to the next level.”

Let’s Work Together!